Another college laptop selection thread.

This coming fall, I am going to be starting college.
My intended major (Chinese) is not computation heavy.
Basically I need a computer that I can use to: create basic word, powerpoint and excell douments, browse the web (including social networking), store my music library, watch movies occasionally, skype, and game occasionally. Finally (and most importantly), whatever laptop I decide on, I must be able to get Windows 7 Ultimate (because having Chinese fonts is a necessity for my major).

Price ceiling is around $1300.
I would prefer to have a computer on the smaller side (15" or under), but it is not a must. Eventually, I am planning on setting up a station with (at least) an external keyboard and monitor, so I don't really have a limit on the small end of the spectrum

I have been researching potential candidates, and after talking with some of my more tech-savvy friends, I was nearly set on the Lenovo Thinkpad X220, until I realized that it was much more than I needed. Then I found some other suitable candidates, but later read reviews, which stated that they lacked some of the things that I wanted in my computer.

Customization is prefered.

I realize that this may be quite demanding, but any and all input is greatly appreciated. If I left anything out, please let me know!
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  1. I'm sorry, apparently I posted this before I finished typing it, the other thread with the same title, has my completed question.
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