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Hi all
I dOnt want to waste my time and money if my problem isn't worth it. My hp mini stopped working out of nowhere. It hasn't been in use for a few months and when I went to start it up it would not turn on. Now when the battery is in and the charger plugged in it shows an amber light as if battery is charging. So I let it charge until the light went white. And still nothing. I had it cleaned and still nothing. Now when the charger is in the charging light is white but the computer still does now turn on. I tried doing the hard reset and nothing. I thought that if it was the motherboard it would still turn on but give a black screen or errors when connected to power supply. So is this a power issue?? Please help me!!
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  1. Hi mcdonough1,
    Have you tried powering the mini on when the AC adapter is plugged in and battery taken out?
  2. No it still does not power on. I tried it every which way. I tried it with just the battery, does not turn on. I tried like you said with just the adapter and the battery out and it does not turn on. Is there a troubleshoot I can do besides the hard reset? I did the hard reset and had it cleaned and it does nothing. :(
  3. Hi mcdonough1,
    Sounds like it could be a hardware issue. Is your HP mini in warranty?
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