IT pro thinking seriously about IT comedy

I feel that I am jaded by the fact that at the end of every day we the people (IT Pros) are the butt of a horrible joke with regards to how platforms market fictitious features and operability.

I GML ( my real name) is seriously thinking about crusading for the comedic relief on such subject matters. I would like to know how many folks would feel inclined to back such a comedic adventure.

this impulse has been fueled by the purchase of my first IPhone. I blame the Devs who have told me that IOS is the only platform that will support many of their integrations and features so I took the plunge after being an Android monkey for the last 4 years.

I feel bamboozled and cheated about the platform. Even though my work experience has given me ample experience and exposure to the OS. What a lie on both parties and what a joke.

All platforms suck in their own way and I want to preach about it.

your fellow CPU deploying, Vista hating, AD administering, OSX suffering brethren.
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  1. There's a bunch of stuff like that already. Not saying you shouldn't do it, but I'd start small.

    Maybe start with a blog, turn that material into maybe small comic strips, then get someone to make flash videos, or do standup on youtube.
  2. have you seen shark tank
    i like to read that one every day, its nice to read some of the horror stories other it pros have to deal with. (i'm not the only one).

    i would love to add another outlet for funny it content =)

  3. The only problem is that the masses won't "get" a lot of that humor, meaning the market may not be that good for it. But yeah, those of us who DO "get it" tend to like funny stuff.
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