Chosing the right gaming laptop for 2000$

I'm been thinking about buying a custom laptop from brands like digital storm and ibuypower. Becuse i like the idea of customizing my pc But after customizeing a build and seeing thiar price comparison with brands like alien ware I was starting to become skeptical of thier quialty in thiar hardware. Is this somthing to consider or is Alienware just over priced and off brands like digital storm ok
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    Digital Sorm, Ibuypower, see also XoticPC* and CyberpowerPC for customs, are reputable and actually (in many cases) are higher quality than Alienware. They also give you far more options and probably (although I am not positive of this) less bloatware.

    * My personal favorite for custom gaming laptops - most notably the Sager/Clevo models
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  3. Yah I'll check out those other companies I end up comparing all of my builds when I decide to punches one
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