Poor ASUS warranty!

My ASUS G75 died in first 2 months, black screen, no lights, nothing. As a tech person, there was nothing I did to cause this. Sent it at my expense to CA. They sent it back, worked 2 days, died again with same symptoms. ASUS wrote to me that they have a 0% replacement policy, and that I'm stuck with this machine. They claimed to have replaced the motherboard the first time, which I thought and they agreed was the problem, but I don't believe it. Doesn't really matter though since I'm stuck.

Anyone else had this experience with ASUS. Don't buy one of their poorly built gaming laptops or you'll be very sorry!
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  1. So you're saying they will not ship you a replacement laptop and your only recourse is to ship it back to them for repairs?
  2. Ack, sorry to hear you got a lemon. Won't they let you send it back to be 'repaired' again? Most companies won't send you a new or refurbished laptop for a warranty claim. They just 'repair' it at the expense of your hassle, time, and sometimes shipping money.
  3. Did you purchase this with a credit card? Usually VISA/MC/AMEX provide extended protection if you did, so you might want to contact them about this.
  4. I also am an IT guy. I have bought numerous Asus Motherboards and never really had any issues. On the other hand when people ask me which laptop is the best I tell them, "laptops are all pretty much the same and they are only as good as the warranty they come with". Basically stick with Dell and HP, they have the best warranty I can think of. As what to do with your Asus laptop, try to find replacement motherboard on the web, ie Ebay, online computer parts store, and change it out yourself, since your an IT guy, shouldn't be a problem.

    You mentioned that they say they replaced the motherboard and 2 days later you are having the same problems. please check the power adapter and the outlet you are using for any odd issues.
  5. did you send in your ac adapter with the unit or just the laptop?? if not it was a error on asus tech support. your ac adaptor could be putting out to much voltage...and is frying the mb. i seen that happen a few adapters when they fail will hard fail or drop in voltage. if both went to asus and they worked then died...i would see if you used a credit card to fund the laptop..try having your credit card company start what called a charge back. also look into your state lemon law. if the unit is under warranty the vendor has to repair or replace it. if not you can take them to small claims court and get your money back for the unit. most times what will work is look online for the vip in the us or someone high up in the company and send them an email on there product and why you want to return it or have a refund...most of them have the power to refund or replace your laptop. when you call there tech line your getting a lev one tech that cant return the laptop..his hands are tied on what he can have to go above the service manager to a vp or manager of customer relation..when you do call get the person name and company help you in your small claims case. be nice but firm...let them know that they did not repair the laptop and would like to have the laptop replaced or refunded. if they cant help go up..also send a few registered letter to asus.. it show that you tried to have the unit repalced or repaired and asus refused to honor there warranty. when you can prove that in writing it an open and shut case on you.
  6. Many thanks for your really useful ideas and insights! It gives me hope. I will try one more time to send it back, and will mention the power supply issue first. Then all the rest of the useful ways of trying to get a working machine.
  7. Asus quality has really gone downhill the last couple years. Especially mobo's. You can get the same quality and warranty with Asrock for a lot less money. This is why I use Asrock exclusively these days.

    I recently purchased a 22" Asus monitor and the menu button broke while I was setting it up for the first time.
  8. Hello my name is Jeff and I work for the ASUS Customer Loyalty Team.

    You said that you were having a problem with your G series notebook. Well you need to call our support team and get an RMA to have your unit repaired. Where did you purchase your notebook? I was reading that you mailed it out to CA is that Canada or California? What is your serial number so I can better assist you.

    What is the name of the representative you spoke with at our call center so I can file a complaint. Our customers should be treated professionally.

    Seems to me that the pin for the power plug may have broke if your not getting any power to the notebook.

    I am here on weekdays only to answer anybody question. Customer service is our number one priority within our warranty policy
  9. Somehow I wouldnt trust a representative that asks you to give him your SN on an open forum. Call ASUS.
  10. Hi Alru :)

    When you send it back this time..make SURE you mark the motherboard and other parts with an Invisible UV pen....with your initials....

    Its amazing how many companies will give you a NEW product once its been proved , that they have lied to you, because in court they wouldnt have a leg to stand on...

    All the best Brett :)
  11. My Name is Joseph and I admit I am new to writing on forums like this but I have never experienced anything like this before and i dont know where else to go to spread the word.

    Don’t buy Asus products. They don’t back up their warranties. Their customer service is terrible, and they care little to nothing about the opinions of their customers.

    For years I have worked on and built computers. For my personal rig exactly one year ago I had bought a M4A89TD PRO/USB3 Motherboard made by Asus. About three weeks ago I turned on my computer to realize it would not POST after days of checking all hardware I realized that a trace had failed on the back side of the motherboard. Asus has a three year warranty on their boards so I called costumer service, told them my story of the trace damage. They said its ok and they set up an RMA and I sent the board to them.

    About two weeks later I get an email informing me that they discovered Trace damage and those they won’t cover the price to replace it, they also wanted 130 dollars plus shipping for their repair fees. That email started a week long struggle and the worst costumer service experience I have ever dealt with.

    For starters the first level of customer service is either incapable or unwilling to listen or have a conversation. Instead they will read off a list of pre written talking points, if you deviate even a little they will get flustered and re read those talking points even if its not applicable. It was this level of customer service that claimed that trace damage is customer induced damage and that this damage occurs when installing the motherboard or parts onto the board. They would also tell me that trace damage is specifically listed under the warranty under what is not covered. I have printed out two different warranties from and, neither location mentions trace damage.

    When I would explain that I have had the board for about a year, the damage was on the back of the board and I have not touched it for quite some time, they would again just re read the same lines to me. After dealing with two different people I asked if there was a supervisor I could speak with. They told me, Roby was busy and he would call or email me back as soon as he could. He never contacted me that day …or the next. In fact even though I called a couple times a day for the next three days and asked to speak to a supervisor I was never given a chance. I would just get transferred from person to person and they would each have their own unique story on why I couldn’t speak to a supervisor. He would be busy, not in the office, doesn’t deal with these kinds of cases, or out too lunch. On several occasions the excuses of the supervisor being busy and then not in the office that day occurred within the same phone conversation and on two different occasions.

    Finally after five days of getting excuses and talking multiple times to a Mario, Renee, George, Leo, Monica, and Jared. I was finally transferred to a ‘level 3’ technician. The man I spoke with was helpful, and after telling him my story he agreed that the location of the damage it was unlikely that it was my fault and he will waive the fee but that he had to pass the news to someone first to ok it. The next day I got an email from that technician, basically again reiterating what I had been told for a week, “trace damage is physical damage caused by the user and the warranty doesn’t cover user damage”. I called the technician, he said his supervisor overruled his decision and there wasn’t anything he could do. At that point I asked if I could speak to that supervisor, to my shock I was given a chance to talk to Chenille the supervisor. She informed me that due to the location of the damage it was caused due to improper installation of the Memory sticks. When I inquired exactly how one improperly installs RAM, since ram is made to only fit in one way, she explained it’s possible if you force it. When I explained that scenario was out of question she then said damage is also caused because I removed the memory while the computer was on. I again tried to explain that I did nothing of the sort; in fact I always unplug my computers from the wall when tinkering with them she did not budge. In fact it was that excuse she decided to make her stand. In the end no matter how much I explained that I am an engineer and have done this for years, she did not budge.

    In the end my motherboard which stopped working after a year of use was blamed on me for removing computer parts while the computer was on which of course even the most novice of users know not to do such a thing. I have never been so insulted by a company in my life. Asus and their warranty are worthless. If my scenario can be chalked up to customer induced damage than anything can be blamed on the customer. I had informed several people at Asus that I would file complaints at the Better Business Bureau and never buy another one of their products, but apparently Asus does not care about the opinion of their customers.
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  14. Hello Joseph,

    My name is Scott, I am with Asus Customer Loyalty. I'm sorry you are upset about your RMA experience, so I looked into your case, and this is what I found:

    * The damage to your board was too extensive to be repaired

    * Chris (the Level 3 technician) offered you a discounted rate of $109, shipping waived, which you declined

    * Shanelle, Chris' supervisor, then offered you a further discounted rate of $99, shipping waived, which you also declined

    * Shanelle made sure your complaints about not being connected to a supervisor were passed to the proper people

    * The following link from our support site describes examples of Customer Induced Damage, which will void your Asus warranty; including trace damage:

    If you have any additional questions regarding this issue, feel free to contact me either via a PM or using the email address in my signature.
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