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Hi everyone, heres my problem.
I have 2 SATA hard drives running in my system right now. One of them was the original harddrive running windows 7 home edition. I recently purchased it form a friend, and threw in another drive, which i formatted and installed windows 7 pro on. However, now i cannot boot directly from the new drive with windows 7 pro on it. I have to boot from the original drive with windows 7 home on it, and then it gives me the option to boot from either version of windows (the one version of windows being the one on the other drive). I want to format the original drive on the pc so i can use it as a slave, however, windows wont let me format it, and i cant boot from the other one. Whats goin on?
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  1. You will need to remove/disconnect the drive you don't want the OS on, then repair the instalation. The boot files are on your first drive, that's why you can't boot without it.
    How to create a Windows 7 system repair disc:

    How to Run a Startup Repair in Windows 7:
    Assuming you havn't invested too much time installing stuff on the W7 Pro, the quickest and easiest way is probably to do a clean install.
    If you are using a FULL version disk, delete the partition and start from scratch, you could do this from the original W7 instalation before getting rid of it.
    If it's an ugrade disk leave the existing OS on there and run custom instalation then go to disk tools and format the drive, then continue.
  2. Quick and easy way is to switch the SATA ports. I'm assuming ur Windows 7 is on SATA 1 and ur xp is on SATA 2. The bios will boot from SATA 1 first so if u switch them ur xp will load up first but u mite need to reinstall not sure on that one. Other method is to go into control panel and systems, advanced controls i think. theres a pull down list where u can choose which windows to set as the primary boot
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