HP G60New graphics card, has an integratted memory card. Not sure if can adapt a

HP G60New graphics card, has an integratted memory card. Not sure if can adapt a dedicated graphics card to it without opening it up?
I don't wanna do that because my laptop is a pain, last time it took about 2 hours to get it all opened then closed properly.
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  1. It's a laptop, so no you can't.
  2. I know it's a laptop, I am not talking necessarily it being able to via stock methods. I mean is there a way for me to rig it up at all? I am well outside my warranty anyways haha.
  3. While some laptops(usually high end gaming/desktop replacement rigs) do have upgradable video cards, yours does not.
  4. *sighs* I know I can't "put it in" I am saying is there a way to (and I apologize if this offends anyone, but it seems people don't get what I am saying) red-neck rig it up? I know I can't via the normal methods. The way I am talking about is I.E. making your own coolant system and installing it.... not technically able to but you still can.
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    There is no way to redneck engineer it as there is no where for the card to interface with the motherboard., There are external video card solutions but they require either a express card slot or thunderbolt your system has neither. Unfortunately you are stuck with what you have.
  6. Thank you, that was the answer I was looking for :3 Saved me about an hour and a half. Sorry if I sounded rude, it's just I wanted to make sure the way I was talking about was clear haha.
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  8. Hey if you are looking for a "Redneck" solution check out all about eGPU. There are certain requirements tho. Going through the mPCI-E slot I beleive you can get x4 PCI-E, should match up nice with a GTX460 or HD6770. Its an interesting read, you can also search Hackaday for eGPU solutions.

    Have Fun
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