Why cant i restore my hp laptop to factory settings with windows 7

i have a 09 HP 2000-329WM Notebook PC with windows 7 and i bought it off craigs list id like to wipe all files off it and go back to factory settings, it says the option is disabled because the partition has been removed..whats this mean?
can i not reset this computer? thanx for any help
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  1. First you must understand how most of these computers come out of the box preconfigured with 2 partitions. 1 partition is for the Operating system and what you will most work with, the other partition is for the system restore, aka, backup. Basically what happened is that who ever you got the computer from, they removed the partition that holds the restore files, and never gave you the restore disk that should of been created and put away, which happens alot. I would try to get a RECOVERY to Restore DESTOP to Factory Settings disk from ebay or somewhere online.
  2. Don't get the disks off eBay. that's a last resort. contact HP support. most will ship the disks to you for a few bucks.

    Are you sure it even came with windows 7 originally? what does the COA sticker say?

    Edit: link to hps instructions to order recovery disks
  3. Likely it not come with win7, it installed later.....
    When the previous owner do a clean install he clear the partition also.

    another possibility is he changed the hdd for some reason and only clone the os and system partition to the new one......
  4. Hi Kelvin9274,
    You can order the Recovery Media on HP.com. I provided the link for your model notebook.


    If you have any problems ordering your recovery media please email me at psgsocialmedia@hp.com. Please include in the subject line Attn: Veronica-tom.
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