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Hello all, I purchased the "Logitech Laptop Speaker Z205" speakers for my laptop. I have to return them for the 3rd time now because the supplied cable is a piece of junk that keeps breaking.

I'm trying to find specifically what type of USB cable they use so I can just get a better cable. It says USB 2.0 but what is the size. I tried the one for my camera but its to big.

Thanks all
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    When you say that the camera cable is too big, I am assuming the connector is too big to fit in the speaker port. It appears to be a micro USB connector (your camera probably has a mini USB which is a little bigger) - micro USB to standard USB cables are rather common nowadays and cheap too, this one from NewEgg costs more for shipping than the product
    Since the speaker is portable, take it to Wal-Mart, Best Buy, RadioShack or any other electronics retailer - ask about the USB cable - ensure that it fits there. That way you aren't guessing as to whether it's mini, micro, type B or some strange propriety connector that looks like normal ones.
  2. Thanks C12 . I actually found an old camera cable that works fine. You'd think they would supply something with a little quality.
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