650M and 1920x1080 res?

So, I need a laptop for college and I was hoping to get a decent mid range gaming laptop. The problem is, my budget is only ~$1000 or so, and in nearly every thread I've read on various sites where people are looking for the same thing (there are a lot) I've come across two dominant suggestions: the hp dv6t with 1920x1020 screen and 650m upgrade, and the sager np6165 with the same.

My question is, will the 650m really be able to handle that resolution? Here at home I have an OCed 560Ti on a monitor with only 1680x1050 res, which only adequately handles BF3 on high (fps high 40s/low 50s average). What are my chances with the 650m on those laptops? How will BF3, Skyrim, etc. run? How about less intensive games like, say, Arkham City or MW3?

Thanks for any feedback! I'd really like to know what to expect so when/if I do buy one of these laptops, I'm not expecting too much and left feeling disappointed.

Or, any other suggestions as to laptops would be welcome too, if you have them!
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  1. the gtx 6xx mobility lineup ae just rebranded gtx 5xx mobility cards. the gtx 560ti that you have on your computer is far superior than the gtx 650m. dont expect it to do any better.
  2. Thanks dudewitbow. That's what I thought. What kind of performance do you think I actually will be able to get out of those laptops, framerate/graphics setting-wise? Realistically, probably no more than medium on most modern games or around there-ish?

    Anyways, thanks again. It's kind of disappointing to see that for a price that I could build a desktop with and achieve high/ultra on almost every game, the same price in a laptop doesn't even approach that. Ah well.
  3. on 1920 resolution, i wouldnt know. the laptop side of power and price i havent really dove into yet. but a laptop well never be equal to its desktop counterpart. Laptop parts are built with lower power consumption, so they can never really touch the stregnth of a desktop.
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