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A buddy of mine just got a satellite TV system with a DVR (Dish network I think). It also has a USB port. He had the idea of trying to access it by plugging in a USB cable and seeing if he can d/l the data onto his PC. I doubt it will be that easy, but...

Does anyone know if there's a way to plug the DVR into a PC (via USB or some other method) to extract the stored videos? He's running out of space already... (LMFAO)


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  1. Mike, did you ever get an answer for this? I want to record the audio channels to my mp3 player...

  2. the answer is: the usb port on the dish network dvr is only useable on that dvr - you can hook up a single external hard drive to it (750gb or less), which it then recognizes and reformats to it's own proprietary format - i have a couple of drives that i have formatted this way (switch them out) - the drive cannot be accessed by your computer when you disconnect it from the dvr - it is only useable on the dvr as a backup source for recorded shows/movies/etc.
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