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I previously posted this under the Hard Drive forum, but this might be an more appropiate place:

I recently purchaced a new hard drive and installed windows xp (home). On my old hard drive, I have a corrupted version of windows xp (pro). Now, I can see my folders on the old hard drive, but I am unable to access anything in the Administrator folders of the old drive (ie. my old My Documents). How can I gain access?
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  1. Boot into Safe mode, and open Windows Explorer. Right-click the the folder in question, and choose <b>Properties </b>then <b>Security</b> tab. Click on <b>Add</b> button and enter your <b>user name</b> in <b>Enter the object names to select</b> window then click OK. If you want total control of the folder, check <b>Full control</b>.

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  2. Great! That did the trick!

  3. I have the same problem but in my case , my user account is already added to the security tab with full permissions. Is there another way to access my files. My problem stared because of electrical problems in my house. My hard drive stopped responding but somehow I manage to fix it with the effect of corrupt files. I think
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