Cooling Pad for HP DV4-2126TX

I want to buy a new cooling pad for my laptop which is a HP DV4-2126TX.
The exhaust is on the top-left corner of the laptop and the current cooling pad that I have (which is non-branded) seems to block the exhaust.
I see no significant drop in the operating temperatures, just a degree or two.
I have no idea which one to buy. The ones that I can buy are available here:

Please let me know which one is good.
And how many RPM is needed? (I know, the higher the better but the starting line is...?)
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    I really like the design and (two) features of this cooling pad (which is sold out at this time), or the Notepal U3
    As far as fan RPM's go, there are variables which make it difficult to answer directly. A larger fan will push more air so a slower speed will be as effective as a smaller fan with higher speed
    I think something like this with it's big fan should also work effectively
    and it is in stock.
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