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Hello I am looking to upgrade the ram in my new ultrabook. It has the HM77 express chip set and i5-3317U.

I haven't seen any ram modules online specifically stating that they support 3rd gen series processors. If anyone out there has successfully upgraded their Ivy Bridge laptop please share what you used! I was planning to get two of these--


But the description says up to* second gen "i" series. I have been hearing it's hit or miss so anything known to be working would be appreciated.

Not looking for opinions-- looking for someone with an Ivy Bridge laptop who has done it.

Trying to avoid the "just cram it in there and see what happens" suggestions.
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  1. I have one. I can say from a lot of research that ram is perfect for the HM77. Im buying up some after i get a Hdd (The same kind in fact). My pc takes 12800 1600mhz ram. Its the HM77 Mobo like yours. If you arnt really sure look at the ram thats already inside your pc, then look that up online and try to match those specs exactly. 1.5v ram is pretty much perfect for the Mobo, and thats what you linked. voltage at 1.5v, 1600mhz, and the max speed of 12800 matches my current HM77 ram perfectly. Your pc would run it no sweat, id get it.
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