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Hello there,

Just looking for any recommendations to expand upon my research for shopping..
any help will be excellent and appreciated :)

I am looking for an ultrabook, 14inches or less, 4 pounds or less (light weight), with a minimum of 8gb of ram, and quad core.

Main purpose is for work. Heavy digital painting with Photoshop, brush cannot lag at high pixel density artworks, live demonstrations, project pitching. Also will be using game engines like Unity3d and UnrealEd on the ultrabook.

If anyone here can point me to some models to consider, many thanks!

If not, I guess the market has not matured enough yet, I'll just continue waiting for the next fiscal year, thanks!
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  1. You may want to consider the GIGABYTE U2442 Ultra Performance ultrabook. It will come with either a i5 or i7 CPU and the nVidia GT 640m/650m. No release dates or starting price have been announced yet. It will have a 1600x900 resolution screen.

    RAM is more or less meaningless since you can upgrade the RAM yourself.
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