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Hello there folks,

I thought I would kick this out there and see what I got back.

I'm looking for mobile computing, sort of. I don't need a host of things I'll never use. The primary function of the device is to allow for typing. (I write novels...not published yet) but I write. I also drive a big truck. So I'm looking for something that is sturdy, small compact, with a descent keyboard. I do have a laptop already Toshiba Satelite A4. But I find the device large, and somewhat outdated. I'm looking for something simple to pop up on my steering wheel; when I'm deliverying, that I can type away at easily. I have a wifi at home, which my google nexus / laptop all run from, my desktop is hardwired becuz i do game a bit (WOW/DiabloIII...BTW: Diablo3 = FAIL...OMG boring) the question becomes, what's the best bang for my buck. Tablet or ultrabook? I'd like to keep the cost down.

Ideas? Thanks

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  1. You're typing while you are driving as you are making deliveries? Have you run over anyone yet?

    There's the Lenovo Thinkpad X series. Not classified as ultrabooks, but they are light. The 11.5" X130e starts at 3.9lbs and are inexpensive if you choose the AMD Fusion E-300 for $550. Opting for the Intel version with a more capable Core i3 CPU starts at $670 though. I would opt for the 12.5" X220 which weighs in at 3.0lbs, but it does cost more at $765. The X230 is the newest version an replaced the X220, but it does cost more since it comes with Intel's latest Ivy Bridge CPU.
  2. I don't really recommend a tablet because a good chunk of the screen would then be devoted to the touchscreen keyboard. However, it is more portable.
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