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I have an Asus g72gx laptop, the other day I turned it off, it was fine although running hot but no artifacting or anything. I took off the cover to let it cool down (after I turned it off). Today I tried to turn it on, can't even post. Pressed power button, lights come on, after like 10 seconds, fan turns on at full blast, no hdd activity light, and there is power sent to the cpu and gpu cause the heat pipe gets hotter. The screen remains black though. I tried the unplug everything and hold down power button for 60 secs twice and it doesn't work. The optical drive does spin up though.
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  1. Your best shot is to call Asus customer support. Hopefully the laptop is still under warranty.
  2. No it's not under warranty , do you think that it might be the graphics card or the mobo? It was running really hot, like 98 celsius ( 208 Fahrenheit!) for the gpu and like 81 for the cpu on cpuid.
  3. Found the problem, dead memory stick
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