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So, Asus has the worst website of any laptop manufacturer, and their model number of scheme is byzantine and obscure. I want to get a G75VW laptop, but there's more than one. I think I want the DS72 model, but I cannot find the exact specs of that vs the DS71 or DS73-3D or BBK5 or any number of other possible system configurations of which there is absolutely NO MENTION on Asus' website. Does anyone know how to find the specific system configurations for Asus laptops?
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  1. It's not just Asus, it's everywhere. Many of these model are specific for a region (e.g. model numbers for USA are different than model number for Europe ), and are not included in the "other" web site. On top of that, there are store-specific models, which differ by the amount of crap preloaded on them.

    Moreover, if the model is out of producion - your best friend is Google / Bing, and
  2. Yeah, too bad you cannot directly order from Asus so that you can customize the laptop. That way you can simply choose the components you want and not rely on deciphering the multitude of model variations to find the exact one you want.
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