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So, Asus has the worst website of any laptop manufacturer, and their model number of scheme is byzantine and obscure. I want to get a G75VW laptop, but there's more than one. I think I want the DS72 model, but I cannot find the exact specs of that vs the DS71 or DS73-3D or BBK5 or any number of other possible system configurations of which there is absolutely NO MENTION on Asus' website. Does anyone know how to find the specific system configurations for Asus laptops?
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  1. Have you tried Google? I got 122000 hits for ASUS DS52.
  2. Hello my name is Jeffrey and I work for ASUS Customer Loyalty Team

    They are all G75VW notebooks however whenever one of the hard ware is different we have to change the model number. The DS72 is the highest model it has 2 drives, higher memory, and higher video memory. Lowest model would be the BBK5

    DS71 -

    DS73-3D -

    BBK5 -

    DS72 -
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