Dell inspiron 1525 display come once


I need help for dell insprion 1525 display problem.

My laptop is running fine if i connect with a external monitor. If i press Fn + (F8 CRT/LCD) button the lcd light comes for a second and it come black again.

so i need to press Fn + (F8 CRT/LCD)again to get the screen in monitor.

it happens the same if i press Fn + (F8 CRT/LCD) again the lcd light come for a neno second and gone.

Could any one can tell me what is the problem it might have.

I guess the problem in LCD inverter .
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums
    I'd say you did a little homework already there. I would be suspecting a bad LCD inverter also. No doubt you've already seen what is involved in replacement (if not youtube is usually a good source). It's not an expensive part (usually) nor a hard replacement (usually) and as good of place as any to start.
  2. is their any other issue do u think make the problem.??
  3. I've been going through possible other options but other than a short, I can't think of anything else that would cause that behavior - pretty sure you got it figured.
  4. hi dear C12Friedman,

    one of my friend said if the display give no dim light it will be the display damage not inverter issue.

    I am now confused if i buy a new screen and the screen doing the same who can i identify the problem.

    so should i buy a new inverter first ?
  5. I don't think that is an absolute rule. The inverter is what gives the screen it's power, dim may mean the inverter is going bad, a quick flash would imply an over-voltage shutdown (in the inverter hopefully) or short.
    But, the inverter is cheaper and easier than replacing the screen. It may be that you'll end up replacing the screen but I'm simply suggesting the cheaper, easier route (the one I would take first).
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