Do I need special anti virus for a netbook or ...?

I am trying to download on my acer spiral computer. This computer has no disk drive, so the man just told me to download it, but how? Thank you for your help with this. I just returned from a foreign country and trying to get my computer set up here in the states. Sincerely Janet McClanahan
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  1. microsoft offers a free one you can download here
  2. I'd imagine that just about all the large vendors allow you to download and purchase online nowadays.

    There are plenty of free options too, such as Microsoft Security Essentials, Avast, AVG. On a netbook I'd be tempted to go with the lightest which is probably the Microsoft one.

    Used all three of the above in the past, currently been sticking with Avast as I quite like the interface and the modular sort of approach.

    In short, nothing special required for a netbook apart from choosing something a little less resource hungry.
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