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Lenovo U410 or Sony Vaio T

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June 26, 2012 2:07:35 PM

I am looking for a new laptop for my wife, and we're going for an ultrabook (or nearly ultrabook-light laptop). Mostly the laptop will be used for generic office type work, with occasional computation intense stuff (, gaming would be limited to low spec games, and I understand the hardware implications, but I'm not very familiar with the brands as I'm mostly a desktop-homebuilt guy.

We've narrowed our search down to:
Lenovo U410

The pro's of the U410 are:
Dedicated GPU
14" screen

The only problem I have seen is a complaint about the touchpad positioning (It appears to be further left than one would expect, making it hard to type)

Sony Vaio T Series:

The pro's of the Vaio are:
i7 processor available

The only major complaint I've seen on this one is the shallow+short keys.

We don't really have a budget in mind, as long as it's a solid value (for the category), 1100$ is probably the most I'd want to spend when all is said and done.
Both really seem like solid values, well made, etc. making it a tough choice; so which would you guys recommend? Anyone have good/bad experiences with either of them, or with Sony/Lenovo?

edit: Should also state that I'm leaning a little more towards the sony, but not strongly. Also open to other suggestions for models to consider, but looking for ivy-bridge based ultrabook.

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June 28, 2012 1:51:41 PM

So, I'm pretty sure we've settled on the Sony. (The free PS3 didn't hurt the decision)

I'm still a little on the fence on whether to get the i5 or the i7. Here are the CPU datas:
-3517U 2/4 1.9 GHz 3.0 GHz 4 MB 4000 350 MHz 1.15 GHz 17 ?
-3317U 2/4 1.7 GHz 2.6 GHz 3 MB 4000 350 MHz 1.05 GHz 17 ?

The i7 comes at a 150$ premium over the i5. My gut says it's not really worth the extra, and won't be noticed; her current laptop is a core2duo T6500(2.10GHz) and isn't really lacking in compute power for her.

I am however a little nervous about fitting the thing with a lower clocked 17W part and having it not be enough, since the mobile space is quite a different ballgame from desktop CPUs (and these lower power parts are different from laptop CPUs the last time I bought).

edit: The unasked question, is it worth the 150$ for the i7?