New Macbook Pro...cant decide

I am getting a new macbook pro. I have various reasons for choosing mac over pc so I'm set on mac and please do not post anything regarding a pc.

This is what i am deciding between.


The MBP will be used primarily for djing, music, and for misc. other things.

I am just wondering if it is worth it to buy this newer mac or just settle with the refurbished. The refurbished looks pretty appealing with a quad core i7 compared to the dual core i7 in the newer one.

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  1. Well, I'm not quite sure how many threads it takes to dj with, but I would imaging the new mbp would suffice, seeing how it has a higher turbo clock speed. Heck, its base speed is already 2.9ghz.

    Also, the new mbp comes with a smaller screen (so saves on power usage) and a newer gpu, which also saves on power.

    And finally, the new mpb has a brand new battery...and we all know its super expensive to change the battery in a mbp because they have to do it for you.

    Plus, I believe the new mbp will come preinstalled with the newer OS? I could be wrong about this though...
  2. True true, and true. I also get the student discount of $100 and a $100 gift card for the itunes store for music of course. Seems only logical to buy new.
  3. the ivy bridge ones will be the last quarter of the year, would be worth waiting for.
  4. Hi, One thing to consider is that the new 13" MBP only has Intel 4000 video card where as the refurb has an ATI 6750. For now and for DJing I'm sure that doesn't make much difference but I've always found that one key feature for the longevity of a laptop is the video card. Built in almost always runs in to a technology that makes the machine obsolete before the rest of the computer or before it dies of natural causes. Maybe the Intel 4000 is better (they always say that).

    Of course I'm sure you've weighed the differences: screen space, portability, drive space, ...

  5. the great randini said:
    the ivy bridge ones will be the last quarter of the year, would be worth waiting for.

    ivy bridge is already out i dont understand what you mean
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