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Looking for a laptop with touchscreen capability. Budget is $850.00. Only things I found were netbook type machine or tablets and if I want a tablet PC its $1000+

I know whats $150.00 bucks more right.... Well its for a business and they set the limit not me :D
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  1. Hi :)

    Not possible for that budget...go back and tell them that or forget the touchscreen...

    All the best Brett :)
  2. Touchscreens are premium on laptops. Either go with a netbook / tablet combo with that type of capability like the Asus Transformer Prime, or increase your budget for such a laptop. Alternatively, you can buy a refurbished touchscreen laptop as suggested above.

    Since this laptop is for business going with an Asus Transformer Prime will likely not be a viable option since you will likely need to use Windows software of some type.
  3. Or you can simply do without since based on the budget whatever business you are working at, they do not expect you to need a touchscreen laptop.
  4. You can get one of the kind of cheap lenovos then upgrade the RAM or whatever else later
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