How do i disable the bios memory in toshiba satellite l355d-s7901 in the bios se

how do i disable the bios memory in toshiba satellite l355d-s7901 in the bios setup. i have been trying to solve this problem of bluescreen for some days now but to know avail and i was suggested to disable the bios memory.
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  2. Laptops have a VERY restrictive Bios. The best of my knowedge is that YOU can not disable Memory. Also Do not think there is an animal called BIOS memory.

    Need to find why bluescreen.
    It could be the Ram (Memory).
    To test memory to see if this is the cause. Download memtest 86 ISO and create a Bootable CD. Insert CD and boot to CD. Run memtest for 4 to 6 Hours. To test your Ram. If memory errors you will brobably need to reseat and RETEST, or replace ram.
    NOTE - Do not Just copy the file to a CD like normal data files, need to select ISO function.
    PS I normally use IMGburn to write to CD/DVDs.

    If No errors, then you mostly have either a bad, or incorrect driver loaded in windows, or a Corrupt file.

    If you have a windows Installation disk you can try booting to the win 7 disk and select repair to see if windows will fix the problem. If you can not repair, most likely you will need to re-install windows - providing the HDD is not failing (see below)

    Another possibility is the HDD is failing and has corrupted files on it - If this is the case then a New HDD is inorder, and a RE_INSTALL of windows.
    To check HDD, got to HDD Manuf web site and down load a bootable HDD utility to test the drive.
  3. If somebody told you to disable the "BIOS memory" they are a quack and have no idea what they're talking about. There is no such thing. My guess is you just misunderstood what they were telling you to do.

    Could you explain the problem you're having?
  4. May be the OP has been asked to "Clear BIOS Settings", which is a standard practice on a desktop, but not-so-much on a laptop.
  5. ^ Reason not a standard proctice - Very doifficalt to get to - LOL
    All though could probably go to bios and select either default, or Optimized.
    Doing this, need to first check how HDD is enabled, ie IDE vs AHCI. as the wrong setting will prevent windows from loading.
    HIMMMM maybe that is what is needed. In which case he could go to bios and just switch it and test.
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