Lost drivers on HP Pavilion ze 4900 laptop

My Hp laptop got recently infected by several viruses to the point of a no boot situation.
I dont have the HP restore disk anymore so I restored it from a dell desktop of similar age.
Both have XP 512 ram, ~ 7 years old.

The restore worked except for the sound and wireless drivers.
The video driver didnt really work but I used the SVGA and got at least 256 colors.

Every time I went on the internet to find drivers for this computer, it ends up being a scam.

Please help. How do I get the drivers for this HP laptop.


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  1. I hope you are using the original activation code for the HP laptop and not the Dell one.

    Go to www.hp.com and select the support and drivers near the top of the page. Then search on the ze 4900 and select your exact model. Once it goes to the support page tell it what OS you have installed and all of the drivers and utilities will be displayed.
  2. Simply go to HP's site and enter your laptop model to get the drivers.

  3. That was awesome! It resolved the issue!! Thank you!!
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