How to format a disk with XP installed?

Hey guys,

I just built my first computer and now I'm installing the drivers/software. I think have a problem somewhere, the system won't start any programs - it keeps gcoming up errors when I try to start anything except fr windows stuff. I think I messed up XP by installing something that conflicts. I'm thinking if I reinstalled XP I could redo the software and isolate the problem.

How the heck do you format C: drive on a "working" system? I made a dos boot disk, but it didn't have the format command on it. Then I copied the command from XP onto the floppy. It said that this command cannot be done in DOS? What the heck?

I tried to reinstall XP and it didn't help. It kept all the same "new" programs. I also tried to format by using the Help section, but it didn't work either.

Okay, so how the heck can I reformat this drive and start over? It is XP Home Edition.

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  1. Boot from the WinXP install disk and follow the option to do a quick format on your partition.
  2. Enter WinXP setup, it shows you that u already have 2 partitions. Delete both the partitions following the directions and then u will see 1 unpartitioned space. and when u hit enter to continue setup on it it will give u an option to format and .........
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