Cant get mobo to POST or boot with new ATI 9800

I just replaced my ASUS Nvidia GeForce 2 GTS Pro (32mb) with an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128 mb card and cannot get my computer to boot. The monitor goes into "power saving mode" and won't even POST. I use WIN XP Pro and and AMD 1.8Ghz CPU and an ABIT KR7A RAID mobo. My PS is a well regulated 350W and I use 2 HDD's and (1) CD-RW and (1) CD player. I disconnected (1) CD- drive but the rig still would not boot. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is here? The ATI fan on their GPU spins properly when I start up the rig and it has power from the PS. I cant find anything in the ATI troubleshoooting section about this problem. Thank you.
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  1. Is it not posting, or just not displaying? Some old monitors don't like new video cards. I had the problem with my sisters PC when I upgraded her to my dad's old one, her old cheap brand monitor wouldn't work with the new system.

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  2. Puter wont do either and Ive tried 2 new SONY AG FD monitors. The monitor just sits in power saving mode and there is no mobo or drive activity. The minute I put the old GeForce 2 GTS Pro mobo back in the AGP slot, the puter boots right up and POSTS and enters Windows.
  3. silly question, but who knows?
    you <b>did</b> connect the molex power connector of the video card, right?

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  4. yes and even verified that the GPU fan was spinning before I ever tried to boot up.
  5. Any chance the card is fried? How about popping it in a friend's computer and trying it out?
  6. Try the quick workaround first. After a cold boot attempt press the reset button. Sometimes this works on the Abit boards, KT7, KT7A, KR7A.

    Many people had trouble with the 9700 PRO (Also 9000 Pro) and KR7A. You might look at the threads regarding this at <A HREF="" target="_new"></A>. Your 9800 Pro problem might be related.

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  7. Yeah I just read an extensive thread on the site where scores of others have the same problem. Im not willing to rebuild my whole system to fix a problem that shouldnt be there in the first place for this expensive card from ATI. Im going to return the card and get an NVIDIA card like I should have done in the first place.
  8. Returning the card? Well, that's up to you but the non-POST issue was not exclusive to ATI owners. Some people with nVidia cards had the same trouble, inlcuding the orginal Geforce256 (what a power pig!), Geforce3 Ultra with the KR7A.

    IIRC, part of the problem stems from sub-par current handling on the AGP bus with SOME mobos using early VIA chipsets, MVP3 up to KT266A, (not all, just some mobos). It was a power regulation thing.

    On the Abit boards, there was that odd reset issue on about 5% of the boards. (Just my guess, not a hard number). It was more common with overclockers who are already taxing their power supplies. Anyway, pressing reset worked for some people but not others. Some people had luck with the 9N BIOS. Other people had luck with overpowered PSUs.

    You are probably though, I wouldn't want to rebuild an old system just for a video card. I just hope swapping the cards fixes your problem.

    I might be in the same situation in a few months. I'm hoping to pick up a Radeon 9800 (non-pro) on the cheap (wishful thinking) when the X800 cards come out.

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  9. Did you try clearing the cmos? you have no idea how many times that solves the problem, especialy when installing new hardware.

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