I have a ARISTO M754LMR Mainboard with onboard graphics and sound, no AGP slot, only 3 PCI slots. (A Celeron Coppermine 700MHZ CPU socket 370 fitted - Win98).

Q: If I was to instal a PCI graphic card, how do you shut off the onboard graphics, or do you have too? The onboard sound can be shut off in the BIOS but the onboard graphics does not have any isolation option.

Also, in the BIOS the onboard graphics have an the following option to select AGP/PCI. The graphics operate the approx the same in either mode.
Q: How can you have the above option if there is no AGP slot? Or is there such a thing as internal AGP and PCI graphics?


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  1. First, it should do it itself, but you may have to disable it in BIOS (there's gotta be something there you may have to reveal advanced setting somehow, like you do for Gigabyte).

    And most MOBOs made since before 2000 even have integrated AGP graphics usually 2X for older and 4X for newer (some 8x a little rarer), so that may be your selection there AGP/PCI, but since you don't have a PCI card that it sees it simply defaults back to AGP.

    Check your mobo from the support site and I'm sure they have a FAQ or user guide that adresses this.

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  2. In my expierence to turn off on board graphics you have to set the shared memeory to 0. Then set the diplay to PCI.

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  3. why do you want a new graphics card?

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  4. As a temperary measure before I do a full upgrade, I was interested in trying a second hand higher spec PCI card, to see if it would improve the graphics.

    They don't have to improve much for what I need at the moment.

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  5. Don't spend too much ... you won't use it in your next rig ...

    Still looking for a <b>good online retailer</b> in Spain :frown:
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