can i use my laptop as a TV monitor?
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  1. Only if you buy a TV signal USB converter. All other ports are outputs.
  2. how much it costs?
  3. You can find one source here:

    I have the HVR-850 and it works fine.
  4. Do you want to watch broadcast tv (antenna) or cable.

    If its broadcast just make sure you buy a digital tuner this is what I have its cheap $22 and I haven't had any problems with it the included software is crap just use windows media center its a great program.

    O and if you don't have an antenna you will the need to buy one.

    If you want to watch cable things get more complex an a lot more expensive you will need a cable card tuner the I have heard nothing but good things about the ceton infinitv 4 its around $200 i all so found this tuner from hauppauge on Amazon its only about a $100 and has 4 stars on amazon but i haven't seen any reviews for it. the hauppauge has 2 tuners while the ceton has 4 which is over kill for what you want.
  5. The HVR-850 I linked above allows for cable and broadcast. It allows you to do a digital channel as well as an analogue channel scan and even creates a tv guide via windows media center. You can record two different channels at once as well.
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