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hey guys so I am contemplating on which laptop I want to buy, I was really highly considering the lenovo g770 ( ) but then I stumbled upon this brand called sager. Apparently I've been living under a rock because sager a big brand that a lot of laptop gamers are talking about, so I checked out their options for making a custom laptop. I am not very strongly interested in this piece of work; but I have a few questions.

Firstly is sager regarded as a high, low or mid-end laptop company ? Like would you be comparing them to msi and asus, or more like acer or something. Are they very durable and well designed (exterior I mean, I'm sure the parts inside will all be fine since they don't manufacture themselves) and do they have good fans/airflow ?

also I'm wondering how powerful of a laptop this would be. Can I expect to run bf3 at medium or high settings ?

and lastly, is there any better options for under a grand that compares with that ? I'm all ears when it comes to any suggestions, I'm much more informed on desktop hardware not so much laptops. I will be using the laptop for university, and I also want to do a bit of gaming as well. Want to play games such as sc2, d3, tf2, bf3 etc, doesn't need to be maxed at 60fps but at least 60fps on the lowest settings.
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  1. Sager/Clevo is a top brand in the custom gaming notebook market.
    If gaming is a priority you get a lot more for your money.

    Asus, MSI and Sager Clevo custom gaming notebook options

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  2. Sager is more known for high end gaming laptops. A fully loaded Sager will easily outperform an MSI or Asus. They're also generally known for good build quality. Just so you know, the manufacturer is Clevo. Sager is just a company that takes the empty laptop chassis and finishes it with the GPU, CPU and branding, etc. Malibal, among other smaller companies, also sell Clevo laptops.

    The 650M should at least run BF3 in medium. You could probably do med-high mix with decent fps. If you want a constant 60 fps in BF3 though, you may have to lower to med or below.

    I think those specs are probably the best you can get out of $1000. You might be able to get something with a GTX 660M, but that would likely be at the cost of screen quality, etc.
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