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So I'm looking for a gaming laptop. Obviously a 17.3" screen, I prefer one of the better graphics cards out there as well as a decent processor. I don't really know the differences between 3rd and 2nd generation processors. I understand people say buy a little laptop and get a desktop however that is not an option for me since I go back and forth between school and home for weeks at a time. I was wondering if you guys could maybe link some great laptops heres one I was thinking of buying

Please give me your thoughts and maybe some new ideas.
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  1. it depends on your budget. the reason why most people build a desktop because laptops are give or take only half the power of what a desktop is, because all the parts are designed to work at a lower tdp to conserve battery longevity. for instance, the gtx 675m according to notebook check is actually weaker than a HD 6870. and a HD 6870 card is about ~160-170$ compared to the price of what you pay for a laptop with a gtx 675m.
  2. My budget is anything up to and around 1800

    .. and like I said as much as I wish a destop was an option its really not
  3. 1800 is about the line where you can actually buy a laptop with the gtx 680m which actually has really good performance

    edit: though if its from xotic, thats w.o operating system. total cost will hit at least past 1900
  4. Mind linking some laptops that you would reccomend
  5. Wow that is a nice laptop I will definitly think about that one... the 680 is soooo much money tho lol
  6. check out and xotic does price matching and they will usually offer free shipping. i got my laptop from them and i must say they have great service and i havnt had a problem yet! as far as price, you can definately find a laptop with a 680 3rd gen i7 and 16gb ram given your budget
  7. the reason why it is so expensive is because the gtx 680m is new, and compared to the previous generation of mobile gpus, its gain is incredible. that's the reason why its so expensive.

    the models on the geforce site says these are the laptops that have availability with it:

    Manufacturer Model Technology
    Alienware M18x SLI
    Alienware M17x 3D Vision 2 or Optimus
    Clevo P150EM Optimus(clevos are also sagers)
    Clevo P170EM Optimus(clevos are also sagers)
    MSI GT70 Optimus
    Origin PC EON15-S Optimus
    Origin PC EON17-S Optimus

    edit: if money is a problem, a 7970m is a great alternative. about 300$ cheaper and performs about the same level as a gtx 570 which is a strong card on its own.
  8. Hi Shenout, there's a tonne of great gaming laptops on the market currently, check out this article on the gaming laptops of 2012:

    I hope this helps and good lucky mate. ^.^
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