Help me find the right laptop for my needs?

I am looking to buy a new laptop that will allow me to surf internet sites smoothly,use Google, email, download music,poker games, and play all the flash games on sites like Facebook smoothly. I also play Neopets daily, and sims. I do not play long games like Warcraft, but rather play things like Keyquest,and I use U tube all the time.I want it to be fast as possible, and have enough memory to run windows 7 and flash player smoothly. My desktop has trouble with crashed Javascripts all the time. I know very little about any computers. Please help me as specific as you can. I have a price range that is not a lot, maybe around the $500 or so area. Thanks
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  1. These days, any computer will be fast on the web as long as you don't load it up with toolbars, smiley utilities and spyweare/viruses.

    I like Lenovo laptops, they have good build quality.

    There is a good home model that will handle what you want and more.
    IdeaPad U400 Laptop - 099328U - Graphite Gray
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