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I have an XP computer in which the motherboard died. I purchased a new computer with Windows 7 and an IDE/SATA to USB connector. I took the HDD out of the XP computer and copied it's entire contents to an external HDD and plugged that into my new Windows 7 computer. How do I transfer all data and settings (outlook,desktop,everything) to my new 7 computer? I looked around here a bit and didn't find anything like this on any forum, although maybe I missed something. So I signed up and made this thread. Any help is appreciated, thanx in advance.
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  1. Hi welcome to the forums.
    While the data files, documents, photos, music and such can be copied over, the transfer of settings needed to be done prior to removing the drive from the XP computer using the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard.
    If you still have the XP pc and can reconnect the drive to it you can still use the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard to save the files and settings to an external drive, usb stick or cd/dvd.
    To use the W7 Easy Transfer Wizard in XP load the W7 disk:
    Browse to the DVD drive on your computer and click migsetup.exe in the Support\Migwiz directory.
    Run the file on W7 to restore.
    All programs will need to be reinstalled.
    You can use the Windows upgrade Advisor to check compatability of programs and hardware.
  2. I have the old PC but the fried motherboard won't let it boot to anything. I'll guess I can put the XP HDD into a similar computer and boot to it and then do the XP file transfer wizard. But in response to your solution, what about in the absence of a Windows 7 disc? I have an XP disc.
  3. Or perhaps I could just put the old HDD IN the new computer and transfer from there?
  4. It won't help if you don't have the original instalation.
    You need to be able to use the XP drive that you took out in order to have all your settings working, which would require the same harware or similar and try a repair install of XP for any differences in hardware. This is a bit of a hit and miss, may work may not.
    It's highly unlikely to even boot on your new system and I don't recommend trying. If you attempt it make sure your Windows 7 drive is disconnected or you will have more problems.
    Best thing to do now is recover your files, you may need to take ownership of them in W7.
    With Outlook once you have it reinstalled on W7, find the Outlook directory on the XP drive and see if it will import your mail and contacts.
    There is nothing from the old desktop needed, unless you have a desktop background image that you want. From memory XP keeps it in the Windows folder.
    Themes from XP can't be used.
  5. I will give it alll a try this evening. Thanx so much for help, Jonmor68. Invaluable.
  6. I managed to get the XP HDD to boot in a computer and ran a backup which created a bkf file on my external HDD. I installed and ran NTBackup on the 7 computer and extracted the files (documents and settings) onto the desktop. Is there an way to recreate the settings ie. desktop, outlook, data to the new system?
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