Ati2dvag display driver fix

Dell laptop with xp-pro, service pack 3. the screen goes blank and after ctrl-alt-delete the screen sometimes comes back buy with the pixels all displaced and the fonts and display are huge and it tells me to reboot for it to come back normal.
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  1. if you are also getting an error message like "the display drive has stopped responding" then your video card is faulty (usually the vram) but since you have a laptop it might allocate some of your system memory to use as vram. to replace the video card/chipset on a laptop your better of buying a replacement motherboard, and in most cases better off buying a new laptop then a replacement motherboard. but you may luck out if your video card is using your system memory, because if your system memory is bad and thats whats causing the error messages then it's not going to as costly of a repair.

    I would download memtest86+ (free memory diagnostic utility) and run that and have it complete at least 6 passes to verify if your memory is good.

    if your memory is bad then its going to show errors in red towards the center/bottom of the screen like this
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