AMD A8 with Radeon HD 6620G vs. A8 with Radeon 7640G

I’m having a tough time deciding which one might be a better combination in regard to the 3500m vs. the 4500m and the two different graphics cards, 6620G or 7640G. I plan on using the computer for gaming FSX and X-plane 9 and editing home videos. (possibly HD)

Acer A8 4500m 6GB 7640G

Samsung A8 3500m 6GB 6620G

I’m leaning towards the 4500m since the flight sim games might benefit from a stronger GPU.

Just not sure if there will be an appreciable difference and looking for some input/facts/opinions. Thanks

p.s. I live in the U.S.
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  1. monroer271, The HD 7670M is not DirectX-9 compatible. I'd stay away from that if your games are DX-9, or if you plan to install any DX-9 games. I can't answer your other questions, sorry. To further explain, Most new Acer laptops with either NVIDIA or Ati graphics, use "Switchable Graphics". I was trying to install an old driving simulator, rFactor, that uses DX-9. It's configuration utility (which lets you set the resolution, allows you to choose the so called good graphics chip or the Intel HD graphics, etc) would not recognize the 7670M in my Acer 7750G-9810 (i-7 Intel, 17.3" screen, etc). After further investigation I found information at the AMD site saying that the 7670M is not DX-9 capable. rFactor does not run for squat on the Intel HD graphics. I wasted almost a grand on an electronic boat-anchor for not doing better research. Needless to say I'm extremely disappointed at AMD & Acer for this Cheap graphics solution on what I thought was good priced "gaming machine". Do your research well before buying anything! Wish I could be more help. I don't know the requirements of your games, but the processors/machines that you are looking at, are pretty low-end stuff (from what little I remember) & may be real disappointing.
  2. Hey LoneWolf, thanks for the response. I bought the A8 4500m and I'm really happy with it. It runs everything I've thrown at it from FSX, to Sniper Elite2 and Dirt3, on high settings. Seems to struggle with IL2 Cliffs of Dover, but I think thats more due to the poor development of the game to only run on one core.

    It also gets pretty hot while gaming, but I guess thats how it goes?
  3. The A8-4500m does get very hot. LoneWolf, where did you get that information from? 85% of my games are direct x 9 only
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