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Hello, i just gave away my old laptop yesterday
and bought a new one , i used to own a sony vaio vpccw series , it's a core 2 duo 2.13 ghz laptop , now i bought a vaio vpcsb38 , it's an i7 2.8 ...the first thing i notice is that the new one get's extremely hot , so hot even it the air coming out of it is burning my knees , my old vaio didn't even get nearly this hot even after long hours of continous running ,,so i took it to the authorized dealer and after inspecting the laptop he told me that there's no problem with any components it's just all i7 based laptops get this hot temperatures due to huge processing power ... is that true ? are there some solutions i can do to minimize this heat ? knowing that i tried to reduce cpu speed and screen brightness and these stuff with no use it's still very hot , shall i consider different brand of laptops , i tried Toshiba L755 series and it's not as half fast and mobile as this laptop is and they are nearly the same price ... ..thanks for any answers
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
    A few things come to mind off hand.
    1) Laptop is a misnomer, it should not be used on your lap but instead on a flat hard surface. It is very important with high performance CPU's (like the i7) that the bottom vents do not get restricted.
    2) A cooling pad can help both to keep it off your lap and to increase airflow to the bottom vents, something like this would work for that
    since it has a physical bottom (many don't) which would allow use on your lap (only drawback I've found is lack of USB passthrough but it is an effective cooler). I use that model always on my Vaio VCPEE22FX and credit it for keeping my laptop alive when the internal fan died (HSF since replaced but cooler still used).
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