How can I make a Rotatable Desktop Cube like Pyro's

Anyone know how to do this? (thing I'm talking about is a few seconds after 2:50) The music isn't quite as annoying at that part thankfully,(No offense Pyro, if you read this, your computer is awesome btw). At that part the music is actually quite catchy. It reminds me of Koopa's beach from Mario Kart.
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    Google "Windows Desktop Cube".
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  3. You've got 3 options really: Dextop, Deskspace and CubeDesktop. all of them are crap compared to Compiz in linux but we arne't in linux so all we can do is cry for what is lost and use waht we can. For functinality and making your life more efficient Dextop is the winner, for pretty bling Deskspace wins. I'd rather be more efficient at what I do than prettier so I'm using Dextop.. Plus it's free!

    I've written a whole review here comparing the 3:
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