Aspire 5315 overheating

a friends laptop the aspire is Overheating since upgrading to windows 7, presume a software error, but i would like a heats up, i understand pc on a deeper level but wondered if anyone can offer any ideas to the problem
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  1. I think if the issue is software based, it is most likely a corrupted driver. Start in safe mode and start loading additional devices - slowly - see if one device seems to cause issues or doesn't seem to want to load. Acer does supply drivers you can download so if something seems to be of issue, go here
    Could also be a fan issue - clean HSF thoroughly with compressed air (disassembly and physical cleaning of the HSF is best).
    I will always suggest the use of a cooling pad (could be my one chance to soapbox so I'm using it) helps quite a bit.
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