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I bought a Soundblaster Live card 10 weeks ago and i have since tried to get them to send me a cashback form as was advertised on the box, and if i wasn´t so angry it would almost be funny how they try to delay and come up with excuses why they haven´t sent me the form so that i can apply for the tiny cashback. Is this common that companys
promise these things and never pay?
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  1. Heh. Yea. I would say that's quite common.
    Hey after all, they're not in a hurry, it only your money!
  2. Creative Labs is one of the worst companies ever created. Their support sucks. They only release drivers ever 6 months and that's only because they truely have to. The Liveware for the SB Live series is about a year old now.
    They constantly ignore requests for help and information via email and their newsgroups.
    Its terrible, I will never buy another Creative Labs product again.
  3. You may want to try their customer service #800-998-1000. If you don't get any help, ask for a supervisor.
  4. In my experience (and I estimate about 30-40 computer related rebates in the last 4-5 years), I always GOT the rebate in the end... but the other day I just received the final rebate which enabled me to check off my 6 months old receipt -- so these things take *time*... (why? 100,000's of customers, their money in the bank, 5% or more interest on 6 months... decide for yourself:)
    once or twice I had to deal with customer service people, but I always, *always* keep photocopies of my receipt, filled rebate and included UPC code, so I never have troubles proving that I sent the rebate. I even got numerous products completely FREE (well, I paid the tax...), like keyboards and software encyclopaedias (from places like FutureShop, staples, OfficeDepot etc)
    If you don't get too upset with waiting, you'll usually get them in the end:)
    (although some companies are exceptional, I rarely expect to get the rebate in the promised window)
  5. I'm inclined to agree - Creative products up till about a year ago seemed to be really good. Since then my original PCI128, upon updating the drivers now cannot do MIDI waveforms ( cos the new PCI128s don't have that and the driver no longer supports ) and my original drivers don't work properly with D3D - S**t.

    Also the creative cdrom drives used to be very good, but I know a bunch of people having problems there as well.

    Hope one day they can turn it around....

    Do unto others before they do unto you...
  6. I´m still waiting, i just had to tell someone. By the way i think that the SB128 must be the worst soundcard ever made, i got one when they came out, four speaker system really cheap, didn´t work in any old dos game SB emulation was a joke and just all kinds of problems.
  7. Sorry Spiff, but your last post is kinda funny.
    I don't think you should expect anything, after all it is Creative Labs.
    And no your sound card is not the worst ever, mine is, the SB Live. No drivers, no support other than for Intel based systems and finally no updates to the crappy non-working software they bundle with the card.

    Anyway, don't hold your breath.
  8. That's strange, because the only time I've ever had to deal with them, Creative were pretty good.

    My Annhiliator Pro card just died one day (good things I always keep a few bits of hardware aroun in case of emergency...) So I called them and with little trouble I sent it to them and they sent me one back. Veryy little trouble. This was in July.

    What makes this fishy is that I just recently found out that the fans on these cards are horrible and have a huge failure rate. So now I know what killed the card anyways, no wonder they were so helpful, hmm....
  9. I Must say I am surprised at how many dont like Creative. I have had great success in dealing with them. I have the Annihilator2 Ultra and The SB 5.1 Platinum live and had issues with both in which thier customer support was supeb and I will in fact only buy creative because thier support and products are superlative.
  10. I got pretty good help from them. Of course I just needed the drivers disk for my 5.1 X gamer. But they sent it right away and they were generally knowledgable and friendly.
    guess I got lucky,
  11. A lot of companies use that as a line to get you to buy, and if they delay long enough then most people will forget about it and give up, theres probably about 15% of people who persist and they get the rebate

    So long and thanks for all the fish
  12. How can you say their products are superlative when you've had issues w/ the last two items you've purchased from them? (I presumed based on the fact those are pretty recent products.) Support maybe, products? Not based on what you've said.
  13. tfbww:
    maybe they were trivial issues... besides, I've had problems with even the best products, sometimes things just happen. Maybe the bad driver from a cheapo $30 soundcard is messing up my $500 video card, so although I'm having "issues" and have to call their support line, it in no way reflects upon the quality of Video Card. And if the video card company offers me help, even though they could nicely say "go to the sound card company" (which probably won't help since they are a cheapo company), kudos to them for helping when they didn't have to.

    That was a hypotetical situation, but similar ones have happened to me numerous times... plus so many times its a dumb thing *I* did and not something that's inherently product's fault...
    so just because there were issues with a product doesn't *automatically* mean its a bad product in any way...
  14. Hey, they said that the guy who wouldn´t send me my cashback form no longer works there and apologized for the delay and sent me the form after almost 5 months of weekly e-mails. I just wonder why they had to make it so hard? Just think how many creative products i didn´t buy during this time
  15. And finally i got a reply that my casback form was 5 months too late (i wonder how that happend) and they wont pay me. I will never ever buy another creative product. I think that UK businesses suck in general, they have no respect for customers like in other countries where they kiss your butt just to keep you happy.
  16. Well, maybe you guys are the lucky ones!

    I´ve bought 2 sound cards(AWE 32 and Live! 1024) and a Graphic card (RIVA TNT PCI) , plus my Desktop Theatre 5.1 DTT 2500 ( And its Great, BTW!) , and never had any problem with them!
    Sure the drivers update are slow but that´s not saying their
    products aren´t good!

    Better burn in Hell with some company than freeze in Heaven all alone
  17. I had a TNT2 Ultra and a SB Live X-Gamer on a Athlon 600 system using the AMD 750 northbridge. For the life of me I couldnt get the system to play any games with out a lock up. Creative basically had their thumb up there A$$ when it came to support. They just suggested what I had already tried. IRQ conflicts, differant drivers, move the cards. Worthless!

    Lets face it people, there are stupid people and stupid questions! :lol:
  18. Are you sure it wasn´t motherboard related?
    If you said it was a VIA chipset i would have pointed my finger that way!

    Better burn in Hell with some company than freeze in Heaven all alone
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