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Hello there!

I am over in Hong Kong from California through Wednesday, and would LOVE to take advantage of this opportunity to get some great toys...

Does anyone have some advice/recommendations on what sorts of things I should be looking at while I'm over here?

The main things I'm interested in are that they are compatible (will work with English versions of NT/98, and in the US) with my systems, possibly that it's something I can't get at home, and that I'm really getting a good bargain... otherwise I would just buy it when I get back.

Any thoughts/suggestions from people who've been here done this would really be appreciated.

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  1. The best thngs can actually be found in Akihabara in Tokyo. Try to make a detour if you can. Also, in Taipei, there are a lot of cool things because most of the stuff is made there or in Japan. HK doesn't make much except for money.

    Cool stuff that HK does have though is bootleg software and VCD's and some DVDs.

    Be careful of the computer stuff bought in HK, it might be cheaper in the USA. HK is cheap for things made in China, and clothes but not always cheapest for computer components.
  2. Yeah - lots of toys in Akihabara, but it'll use your $$$. Most of the mainstream stuff is still cheaper in the $US.

    The draw of Tokyo is newer/unavailable stuff. Don't expect to buy Japanese goods checper in Japan - usually cheaper to buy in the US and ship back here!

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