Second monitor lags when draggin finder window. Wrong settings?

As the "titel" says.... When I drag a window/finder around is has alot of lag on the second monitor.
I have one Mac screen - a 24" Cinema HD and the second one is a Asus VH242H.
It's the Asus monitor that lags.

Is it because it's just to heavy for the graphics card or ??? Both monitors are running in 1920x1080.

I think the graphicscard is a nVidia 8800GT 512mb.... If that means anything...?
I only use mac for/at work, so please don't spare the details.
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  1. Are you using the latest drivers?

    Does it happen if the screens are used the other way round, I.e the 24" cinema HD as the secondary?
  2. I'm assuming you're using just the one 8800GT card for both monitors; not two cards, right?
  3. The mac found the drivers on it's own.
    I've been googling around but I can't seem to find any downloadable drivers for the Asus VH242H??

    I tried a semi switch. I disconnected the Apple monitor and used the Asus as the only screen. The lagging seemed to disappear.
    I will try to use the Asus as primary and the Apple as secondary later today and get back to you. (I simply forgot to do this when I did the semi switch :sarcastic: )

    And yes, only one 8800GT card.
  4. Monitor drivers don't really matter. That is a symptom of old Graphics display drivers. Make sure you have the latest nvidia drivers.
  5. So have you downloaded the latest drivers for your 8800GT? Any changes OP?
  6. I haven't been able to find Mac drivers for my graphics card :-/ So I can only hope that Macs own updates include newest graphics drivers.

    But the lagging is not solved :(
  7. Ok, I'm not familiar with macs. However, I'm telling you that problem is graphics driver related so I would definitely find out where the millions of people with macs are getting their
  8. The problem is if nvidia have released a version for the mac or not.

    That is all the info I could find, it is either up to nvidia or apple perhaps to release updates.
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