Will windows 8 format my drive !?

hi I'm installing win8 from iso image in windows 7 and after couple of nexts it asks do you wanna keep anything and it only has one option : KEEP NOTHING.
does this mean it will remove my partition!?
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  1. It will overwrite your current install!
  2. It is like most Windows.. It delete or put aside your Current Windows and install the new one or the on in your disk/ISO file... I Assume you downloaded it, i will not recommend you install it as it's a beta and/or cause system instability which is a "May" as in it might...
  3. It is a developers preview.
  4. Run it in a VM. Least hassle way to do it.
  5. Plus 1^
  6. Windows 8 Developer Preview can be installed on virtualization platforms including VMware Workstation and Oracle VirtualBox.The host's CPU must support hardware virtualization, and the virtualization usage - enabled in VM, in order for the installation to succeed.

  7. VirtualBox is free. I would try that, otherwise yes, keep nothing is a wipe.
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