Procomp Sucks

I just wanted to PUBLICLY chastise Procomp for their UTTERLY SORRY BVK1A Slot-A motherboard. In 10 years of building and working on PC's, I have NEVER seen a motherboard worse than this one. The word 'unstable' doesn't come anywhere near describing the true horror of this piece of crap. It's so bad that Procomp tries to hide its' existence. Try to find it on their website! It's there, but hidden away in the depths of the downloads pages. Even worse, the slobs refuse to address any of the horrendous problems with it - the last and only BIOS update was 4 months ago and it's looking like that's the end. I WARN YOU - DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING PROCOMP! Worst hardware mistake I've ever made, just to save a little money. I REPEAT - PROCOMP SUCKS, PROCOMP SUCKS, PROCOMP SUCKS - DO NOT BUY PROCOMP OR YOU'LL REGRET IT! I DARE the ripoff-artists at that scam factory to REPLY to this post!!! I DARE YOU SWINE AT PROCOMP TO TRY TO RUN WIN2K PRO OR EVEN '98 ON IT!!! I DARE YOU, PROCOMP!!! LMAO!!! BITE THE HAPPY MEAT, PROCOMP!!! >:-|
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  1. Are we to take it that you are a little dis satisfied with thier performance, lol, I think it was a procomp board that we replaced in a Acer sys we had at work (replaced 3 times actually)

    So long and thanks for all the fish
  2. Procomp eh? Cant say that Ive ever heard of them. Guess this post is part of that reason, but hey I could be wrong.
  3. They've always been a good value to me. I think I paid $3 for my last one!

    Suicide is painless...........
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