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My roommate loaded AOL onto my computer a few weeks ago. Since then my IE has not been able to download mpeg's and avi's onto the browser, but tries to save them to the hard drive. IE used to play them in the browser. Any suggestions?
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  1. uninstal aol, shoot your roommate, and then send a nice thank you bomb to aol.
  2. sorry about that, had a brief bout of sarcastic non-helpfulness. under tools/internet options/connections, make sure that your dial-up (or whatever you were using before) is your default connection. i think aol makes itself the default when it's instaled.
  3. My connection is working fine. The only problem has been when trying to view movies.
  4. has screwed up protocols though. having a different default might help. seccondly, when you right click a link there should be an option to "run from current location" or "save to disk". just run it.
  5. I don't think it has much to do with your protocols.

    You can tell the system to save files of this type and don't ask again. that could be the problem.
    I'll look for a registry fix for yah if yah send me your E-mail address. Mine is

    Also try to tell me a little more about the problem. It is when you click on a link for the file or are they suppose to open in the browser like a mini WinMedia window?
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