"Microsoft Issues MP3 Corruption Patch for Windows 7 Beta"

Microsoft released its first patch for a Windows 7 beta bug. The fix addresses an issue with the Windows 7 beta that corrupts MP3 files.
Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

Yesterday, Windows Update, Microsoft's primary update service, began delivering the first patch to Windows 7 since the company struggled to launch the public beta last Friday. The update fixes a flaw that shaves several seconds of audio from any MP3 file that's edited, including files modified automatically as users connect to the Internet.

"Without action on your part, all MP3 files that have large headers in your Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center libraries are likely to lose some audio," Microsoft said in the support document it published Saturday, several days after it first posted the fix to its MSND and TechNet subscription services.

Before today, users who wanted to apply the fix had to find it, download it manually and install it themselves.
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  1. This issue scared me. I wanted to use the Beta, but obviously didn't want permanent damage to my library. Good thing we got our fix.
  2. Talk about being the guinie pig!
  3. The patch was available for download on day 1 from MSDN, Technet, and Connect. If you downloaded from those places, you could grab it right away. Torrents, OTOH... <shrug>

    What happened here is the patch was added to Windows Update.
  4. And, of course, Microsoft warned since day one on the official download page/links that users should backup their MP3 files as one of the "Things to know before installing". Just one of the many reasons not to go installing things downloaded from direct server links or unofficial sources. Its probably even in some 'readme' file on the ISO, along with all the other setup/install "known issues" that many never bother to read.
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