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I'm researching monitoring software for a medium sized business. i've used products like netvizor that give me a horrible UI, and some after-the-fact reports and screenshots.

what i'd really like to find is a thin, invisible program that allows me to view activity in realtime if i get suspicious of a certain user's activity, as well as taking screenshots and logging keystrokes.

IF there was a program out there that did all that and could access the webcam on the computer i would cry.
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  1. possibly something like Sonicwall or Barracuda might have something you are looking for if they have a computer monitoring not just internet but don't think it is going to be free
  2. Also there might be a program similar to what schools use to monitor students( I'm not sure if it's the windows or something else
  3. cool, i'll check these out, thanks much.
  4. What you want is really a very well written virus. Until this is built into the OS by Microsoft I have recommended staying away from these types of programs. Many cause stability and performance problems among other issues. If you need more than a good proxy you may have less of a technology issue and more of a personel issue.
  5. Websense for web monitoring. As far as tracking user activity that will get more difficult. You will get into an issue with having too much data to parse through.. which is why security was invented. :)

    I would consult with a vendor like CDW to see what they could offer. Someone that has multiple partnerships could set something up to help out. You could run something like wireshark as needed on a computer or against a computer to see what is going on.
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