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I have an Emachines W2040, and I'm going to get a 9800Pro. The power supply in my machine right now is a generic 250watt(the one the computer came with) and I'm going to put in a friends power supply he got from his new case that he isn't using. I was wondering if this would be ok?

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  1. Don't waste your money puttin a 9800pro in a Emachine. Emachines are worth less than the cardboard box they come in. You would have a performance increase but it would be minimal at best. Don't expect to be able to play the latest greatest games by only upgrading the video card.
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    I doubt the power supply would handle it, but if he got a new one of those, his system would run how it should based on its components, regardless of the label.

    He would see a HUGE performance increase.

    My friend has a 2400+ 768mb ddr266 (not sure if its kt266a or kt333) emachines that he put a ti4400 in. Lame? Yes. But it runs like the components should.

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  3. So...I'm not really sure if I got an answer. But when I get my 9800Pro I should try to put in the 350watt power supply?

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  4. for sure...
    I had a no-name 300W PSU and when I put the 9800 Pro it won't even budge, not even the PSU fans, nothing. With my old 9000Pro, it works fine. So I went out and got a Chieftec case, with a 360W PSU.

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  5. Is there a differnce between power supplies, besides how much power they put out and consume? Like is there a certain power supply for AMD or Intel processors, like 2 different kinds? Because the 350 watt power supply says it's compatible with pentium 4.

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  6. I think P4 motherboards can use an extra little connector built into the power supply.

    But any good power supply will have it, so all the good PSUs work on P4's and AMDs (which don't use it).

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  7. There are AT and ATX power supplies. Assuming your emachine has a 250w ATX and your friend will give you the 350w ATX power supply, sure you should switch for safety sake; 250w is too low for a R9800 pro, or very very close anyways depending on the rest of your system.

    The P4 power supply have 2 extra power cables, one of which you would use on an NF2 Athlon XP system also. Most Power supplies will have these and it is no harm to have them and not use them. So if you have an Athlon don't worry about putting in a P4 ready power supply.

    I doubt either your 250w or the 350w are dual fan ones, but typically for Athlon XP's the better cooling ones have a fan on the bottom of the powersupply as well as in the back. This provides better cooling for those systems. Don't worry if both of your's don't have this. If the emachine does have this, but the 350w doesn't, As long as you have a rear exhaust fan under the power supply you should still be fine. If the emachine uses the power supply as the only exhaust, then you may need to add a rear case fan or rear slot fan for lowering the case temps.

    Only things I'd check is that the exhuast fans in both power supply blow air in the same direction. Most pull air out of the case and blow the air out the back of the power supply. Older ones sometimes did the opposite in some oem systems. I doubt that is the case, but if your emachines for some reason sucks air in through the power supply and your swap in a power supply that does the opposite, you may kill the airflow design of the system. But this is a slim chance as even emachines probably has the PS fan blowing out of the case. :smile:

    Hope this isn't confusing. Basically I say yes grab your friends 350w if both are ATX. Since I can't see your system, I am just trying to offer a little more info to keep you out of possible trouble.

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  8. ? for you. Since I know nothing about your emachines model. Do you know the CPU, motherboard, memory, current graphics? I believe many of them have integrated graphics. Obviously make sure you have an AGP slot :smile: and also look into how to disable the integrated graphics in your bios. If it is an AGP card now, then no big deal. If integrated, check these things out if you haven't already done so.

    ABIT IS7, P4 2.6C, 512MB Corsair TwinX PC3200LL, Radeon 9800 Pro, Santa Cruz, TruePower 430watt
  9. It has an AthlonXP 2000+, FIC AM37 motherboard, one of my memory sticks is Nanyo 256mb ddr333 and the other is Samsung 128mb ddr266, and my current graphics is a Fx5200. It also has integrated graphics.

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  10. I know for a fact that a Dell P4 with a 250w PSU will run a 9800pro, but it is bcoz they have proprietary PSU. I'm not sure if eMachine did the same thing, but I would just try it. If it boots into windows and runs 3dmark03 without problems then u're probably fine.

    BUT! I would get a decent PSU bcoz a bad one can fried mobos and/or components.
  11. I don't get how the PSU would fry anything, I figured it just wouldn't enough power and wouldn't boot.

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  12. my experience is that cheap PSU can't handle fullloads very well. With time past the PSU give way and cause a power surge and fried my mobo. This happened when I was in windows. The PC hangs and I was not able to turn back on.
  13. Well, I put it in, seems to be running fine. If it ruins my computer my friend said he would take my computer and say it was his and have the company replace my computer. Does it matter that the case on the 350watt power supply is made of tin and my old one made of steel(or whatever, its not tin, its too heavy)?

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  14. Eamachines use better power supplies than the junk you buy at the local discount PC store. OEM grade parts are better than generics, they actually have to pass inspection before they go into a system. I bet that 250W power supply can really output 250W, not 170W or so that typical generics output.

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  15. I'd try it, a lot of SFF systems are running a 9800 Pro fine on a 250W supply.

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  16. Yeah, but I also need to run 2 hard drives, and a cd-rom and dvd drive, as well as 3 case fans. I will just get the TruePower 430watt Antec, that should keep everything running fine eh?

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  17. The power supply that came out of my Emachines is a 250watt Bestec and the 350watt is a Turbolink. Which one do you think puts out more watts and is better quality? Will the Bestec run a 9800Pro and all of them above^^?

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  18. Quote:

    250watt Bestec and the 350watt


    Which one do you think puts out more watts

    youre joking right?

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  19. Ok, I guess I stated the question wrong. Someone in a earlier post said generic power supplies only put out 117watts(I'm guess that the power supply advertised 250watts)which means it puts out 50% of what it advertises. Considering most generic power supplies put out 50% of there advertised outage, the generic power supply that claims to put out 350watts would only put out ~175watts and the 250watt Bestec would put out a true 250watts, is this correct(more or less)?

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