Administrative rights errors.

Hey guys, running into an issue with administrative rights on my PC.

Long story short, i had to reformat about a month ago. Reinstalled Windows 7, updated fully, installed all the latest drivers etc.

But im getting this error, i have a second HD which i use as a backup drive, and every time i try to move/delete/rename/access a file on that drive, im prompted to provide administrative authority. This is the only user account on the pc, and thus is the Admin. I have searched all the options, taken ownership, etc, but im still getting the same popup for any files of that sort. HOWEVER, when i create a new file, and put in on that drive, i can do as i please with it, without the admin popup.

Now continuing, some of my software (autocad, 3dsmax, etc) now brings up a window "do you want to allow the following program from an unknown publisher make changes to this computer?". It comes up every time, and no matter how many settings i change, it still pops up, even with the setting on "never notify"

Come to today, i am now getting kicked from servers in FPSers because my punkbuster isnt responding, i have found that i must close punkbuster, and run it again by using the "run as administrator" version.

Im sure all of these issues can be related to one thing, and ive yet to find what it can be.. Any ideas?"
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  1. You have to take ownership of the files on the second hard drive as the files seem to have belonged to a previous owner (even it the previous owner was indeed you). To take ownership of files, please see the following link:

    As for your software issues -- are you using versions of the applications that were designed to be compatible with Windows 7? The best resource to verify compatibility is available at the Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility Center located at the following link: and can be used for both hardware and software concerns.

    Microsoft Windows Client Team
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