Dell Z windows 7 keyboard intermittent

We recently upgraded the OS on our Dell Latitude Z600 from Vista 32bit to Windows 7 64bit. Since then, the internal keyboard and mouse pad have been sketchy. At times, all works well. Other times, tapping the pad does not work and typing will erase text or move the cursor to a different spot. All the drivers appear to be up to date and no driver conflicts are listed.

This is getting really frustrating!!! Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for any help!!!
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  1. is it possible that your palm is touching the touchpad while you are typing? this can cause erratic behavior. There is a setting to disable the touchpad while typing.
  2. nhasain,

    Thanks for the response. Since your post, I have been paying more attention to where my fingers are when things get whacky. I think typing slower makes the keyboard input more consistent. So, probably part of the time, I am touching the mouse pad with my thumb. OOPS!!! Where is the touchpad disabling in Windows 7?

    That said, the mouse pad is still giving me fits and the keyboard seems to still occasionally have an attitude. Any other ideas?
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